Hebridean Coastline
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West of Hebrides Wave Buoy PDF Print E-mail
About Coast Hebrides - News
Friday, 15 May 2009 15:57
A new Directional Waverider has been deployed in the sea to the west Of South Uist.   The buoy measures wave height, period and direction, and sea temperature. The information is transmitted via satellites direct to Cefas who manage WaveNet, and takes about 30 minutes to be received. The buoy, one of four new buoys launched in Scotland’s waters will help the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) in its development of coastal flood forecasting and warning. The buoys will also aid SEPA in building historical records of the wave climate around Scotland. The data produced by WaveNet are available in near real time and can be viewed by the public on the internet at http://www.cefas.defra.gov.uk/our-science/observing-and-modelling/monitoring-programmes/wavenet.aspx?RedirectMessage=true.


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