Hebridean Coastline
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Scotland's Marine Atlas PDF Print E-mail
About Coast Hebrides - News
Monday, 11 April 2011 09:01

The Marine Atlas can be found online at http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/marine/science/assessment/atlas. All schools will have a DVD of the Atlas and a short film is on YouTube

The new Marine Atlas for Scotland is a colourful map based assessment of the condition of Scotland's seas. It has sections on the Minches and on the Hebrides, and has chapters which describe Physical Characteristics such as weather and climate, currents and circulation, waves and sea level; Clean and Safe with subjects such as hazardous substances, biological effects of contaminants, marine litter; Healthy and Biologically Diverse covering protected areas, commercial fish and shellfish stocks, seals, cetaceans, seabirds; Productive which describes economy of core marine sector, aquaculture, fishing, salmon and sea trout fishing, historic environment and cultural heritage, coastal protection and flood defences, renewable energy; and Climate Change.


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