Hebridean Coastline
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Research Advisory Group


Scientific research and monitoring have always involved large numbers of people, with different types and levels of expertise, working in a variety of roles, both separately and together, making use of and extending the body of knowledge.
Other coastal partnerships who have initiated the development of a Research Agenda have also sought to establish some form of advisory group that brings together the various subcultures including scientists and other disciplines, such as policy-makers, business and public interest groups to open new lines of communication between these individuals. The group will provide a forum to share data and information, promote collaboration, facilitate the identification of funders and resources, attract new sources of funding, and develop a unified Research Agenda that will meet the needs of all stakeholders.
It is intended that the CoastHebrides research group will have an informal basis, as is the case with most other coastal partnership research groups. The group will develop their own terms of reference and rules on participation and mode of operation. Generally speaking the group will exist to bring together managers, planners, academics and other members of the research community in order to coordinate research and further knowledge through the creation of collaborative research partnerships. One main aim will be to provide a focal point for the discussion of research issues shared by the organisations and groups involved, and also to encourage the strengthening of existing and the formulation of new links between them.